Kronosapiens Labs is a technology consultancy led by Daniel Kronovet.

We are interested in the future of technology as it relates to resource management and social choice, as well as in more abstract questions of representation and measurement. We draw influence from game design, economics, cybernetics, information theory, and political philosophy.

Our most significant in-house project is Chore Wheel, a suite of governance tools for coliving. This project has received grant funding from Gitcoin and is under active development.

Our main external client is Colony, where we contribute to the design and implementation of their future-of-work platform. We specifically led the development of Budget Box, a public goods funding mechanism, and Coin Machine, a mechanism for fair and fun token sales.

We are enthusiastic, creative, and resourceful. Please reach out with potential projects or collaborations.

About Daniel

Before starting Kronosapiens Labs, Daniel was a member of Foursquare’s Pilgrim machine learning team, developing algorithms for modeling noisy location data.

He received an M.A. from Columbia University in QMSS, with an emphasis information theory and machine learning. You can read his thesis here.

He recieved a B.A. with high distinction from UC Berkeley, as a double major in Cognitive Science and Political Economy. While there, he was actively involved in the leadership of the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

Before starting his career in technology, Daniel worked on a kibbutz in Israel, lived in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, and served on the boards of multiple non-profits. At various points, he lived in Los Angeles, Berkeley, New York, and Jaffa.

He grew up in Santa Monica, California, where he played on his high school drumline and became an Eagle Scout.