Over the summer, I developed a basic curriculum for those looking to become more proficient with computers. This project emerged as a result of work done as a TA for the QMSS G4063: Data Visualization. While assisting that course, it became clear that students were struggling with basic computing tasks, only tangentially related to the material of the course. As a result, much time was spent teaching students basic computing and programming concepts: the ambient knowledge that those comfortable with software take for granted.

I received positive reviews from students and faculty, and was hired to develop a simple, introductory curriculum for incoming students. The curriculum covers the following topics:

  1. Overview of computer architecture and interfaces
  2. Software development concepts
  3. Introduction to Python
  4. Introduction to R
  5. Networking and the web

The goal of this content is not to be comprehensive, but rather succient, accessible and intuitive, without sacrificing precision and accuracy. The curriculum is designed to be interacted with: the hosting on Github and the included code templates are intended to provide entry points to encourage students to interact with files as developers, and to gain comfort with software development interfaces.

This is a work in progress. Suggestions and feedback would be welcomed :)