It’s been amazingly exciting, these past few months as a working software engineer. It’s an incredible area and there are tremendous things happening here.

In the last two months, I:

Wrote a data analysis library which can parse CSVs of raw typing data and perform numerous kinds of complex analysis. The purpose of the library is to enable the detection of minute differences in typing patterns, in order to gain insight into users physical health.

One of the early goals of the library was to enable us to distinguish between subjects under different conditons. This is just the beginning of what it was able to accomplish:

Subject under two conditions

Finally crossed the 15-Reputation threshold on StackOverflow and can now start upvoting answers. For context, this is like a programmers Bar Mitzvah.

What an Upvote looks like

Helped build a mesh network of temperature sensors for HeatSeekNYC, using XBees and Raspberry Pi.

Plus I got to work with @hrldcpr, itself an experience

Taugh myself how to create 3D models and designed a case for the afore-mentioned temperature sensors

OpenSCAD model of the box for the HeatSeekNYC hardware

And it just keeps getting better.