Note: I am currently looking for full-time work.

I’m Daniel Kronovet, a data scientist living in New York City.

I recently graduated from Columbia, with M.A. in QMSS, emphasizing the core math and computer science underlying modern machine learning.

I’ve worked at a handful of startups, as an engineer and a data scientist.

I’m interested in the future of machine learning, especially as it pertains to questions of production, distribution, and management. I am interested in more abstract questions of measurement and representation.

In past lives, I worked on a kibbutz in Israel, lived in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, and taught science in Mumbai.

I did my undergrad at UC Berkeley, as a double major in Cognitive Science and Political Economy. While there, I was actively involved in the leadership of the Berkeley Student Cooperative.

I grew up in Santa Monica, California, where I was on my high school’s drumline and became an Eagle Scout.